Our Story

Our Vision 

Bibliothek is recognized as the community’s default destination for knowledge and art.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to work towards a knowledgeable public by offering books, periodicals, educational tools, works of art, and cultural events engaging diverse people both locally and internationally. 

Our Values 

  • do the right thing 
  • foster innovation 
  • public engagement 
  • customer focus 
  • passion for knowledge  

The Story Behind Bibliothek

Bibliothek was established in 2021 by Amr Barakat as a combination of a bookstore, gallery and coffeeshop under one umbrella; a cultural hub. 

The concept was borrowed from Europe and the US and introduced for the first time to the Egyptian market serving to benefit the local community with a wide variety of books and works of art. The lack of such a concept in the local market made this enterprise appealing to professionals, and students who regularly come to use Bibliothek as a convenient workspace. 

Barakat was keen, after a long career in managing fast moving consumer goods, on giving back to the community by offering a space that highlights the role of intellect and art in society and be a leading role model for other cultural spaces in Egypt.