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Fruit of life
Mixed media : Eco. Printing, Encre aquarelle,...

Fruit of life
Mixed media : Eco. Printing, Encre aquarelle, chlorine drowning, pigment color
and acrylic color
270x150 cm
Eman Hussin is a visual artist whose works of art harkens back to ancient traditions of a bygone era. Using traditional and experimental printmaking techniques. Her inspiration from the past and its importance in our advancement towards the future. She began researching different optics and treatments for the printing plate after the graduation project. She dealt with the project of cutting and dismantling the printing plate and dealing with the resulting printing on the basis that it is the mass or element to be manipulated in the prints and give space for experimenting in various printmaking techniques visuals. Then began to search for different methods of inking different printing results and the confusion between the types of printing, and other materials.
Hussin notes that "we are part of something larger, that we are interconnected within an intricate web of relationships extending through life and the universe". Past, present and future aren't dichotomies, but parts of a natural continuation. She is the founder of SEBA PRINTMAKING STUDIO (a space for professional printmakers and art students) since 2017. Additionally, she is cooperating with MiM creative wear as a designer and head printmaker to integrate printmaking art with the fashion industry.